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Quality Washable Kraft Paper Bag Manufacturer

We, as washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, are leading the field of biodegradable plastics technologies. However, we started in 1993. Therefore, we are the creator, CEO, and inventor of this technology. Thus, to improve the effective use of natural resources, safeguard the environment, and lessen waste in the water and on land, we believe in environmental stewardship and sustainability.

We, as washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, take satisfaction in the fact that our premium washable kraft paper bags have revolutionized the idea of sustainable packaging. Therefore, our creative method combines the strength of conventional kraft paper with the adaptability of being washable to produce an environmentally friendly product. We, as eco bags manufacturers, satisfy contemporary packaging requirements while minimizing environmental impact.

Thriving for More

Our recyclable kraft paper bags are intended to be more than just packaging. However, we as washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, are a declaration of our dedication to a more environmentally friendly future. These bags are not only beautiful to look at but also quite practical. Because of their excellent strength and tear resistance, they can weather the rigors of regular use without losing their form or integrity.

Additionally, they can be easily cleaned and reused. Thus, thanks to their washable nature, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option than single-use bags. We, as washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, recognize that your brand’s personality is extended through its packaging. We provide a wide range of customization choices for our washable kraft paper bags because of this. Thus, we work directly with you to produce bags that precisely complement the aesthetics and values of your business.


What amount of weight can a kraft paper bag support?

Kraft paper bag, up to 4 kg weight capacity.

Are kraft bags green?

Kraft paper is environmentally friendly due to the manufacturing process.

is kraft paper bag strong?

Kraft paper as we know it is robust and relatively coarse. It has a strong tensile capacity. Ordinarily, the grammage is 40-135 g/m2.

Are washable kraft paper bags durable?

Yes, these bags are known for their durability and ability to hold up over time.

Is kraft paper environmentally friendly?

Yes, kraft paper is considered environmentally friendly as it’s biodegradable and often made from renewable resources.

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